12 Best Graphic Designers Toronto

12. eRose Graphics


eRose Graphics is a freelance graphic designer that accommodates a wide range of mediums when it comes to designs and illustrations such as oil and cold wax paintings, watercolours, acrylic, and digital illustrations among many others.

Mainly focusing on abstract painting, the whole enterprise is headed and operated by Emily Honderich who has published artworks in the Toronto School of Art and has even participated in the Brain Injury Society Toronto Annual Art Show 2020 and 2021.

What we think makes her stand out is that she has a wide experience of graphic design under her belt, wherein she brings to every job that she handles in a flexible and adaptable fashion.

The enterprise also accommodates a wide variety of themes due to the diverse experience its artists and designers handle which ensures clients that they can expect a quality output when combined with their personalized ideas of the said artwork commission.

Though their website could use more information regarding their services, a portfolio is easily accessible to clients who wish to view their work.